Neca Pirates of the Caribbean Cursed Barbossa vs Cursed Jack Sparrow Box Set


Condition : New, Brand : Neca Model : Cursed Barbossa vs Cursed Jack Sparrow Box Set Size : 12 (30cm) Material : PVC Limited Edition : N/A Release date : 2006. / United Parcel Service /With Tracking. There is an additional charge in the remote area the carrier defines. Packages to Australia are more expensive than packages to other regions. Please note that you will be charged the difference between the US rate and the international rate. I accept Managed Payments. Thank you for visiting my website. I live in Osaka, Japan. Osaka is a very good town. The Shinkansen, JR, a municipal subway are at Osaka Station, and the traffic is very convenient. We sell our products for the customers to be pleased. We would like the customers to know the good of Japan. If you are scared to

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LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean The Black Pearl 4184 In 2011 Japan Used


LEGO #4184 Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl. Pirates of the Caribbean The captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones, appears on the Black Pearl with his henchman Maccus and Bill of Shoelaces to capture Jack. Jack sparrow Davy Jones Shoelace Bill Joshamee Gibbs Maccus Will Turner This is a genuine product. Minifigs All of them are good products with attention to detail. The barnacles and starfish on Shoelace Bill’s face, and Maccus’ hammerheads are detailed tricks. Davy Jones is the best performer. The shape of the octopus legs is beautiful. Accessories are mainly belongings of each character. Captain’s room The captain’s cabin hinges open on both walls. Convenient design for easy access to the interior. There is a steering seat above the captain’s cabin, but the roof can be easily removed, so you can see the inside from here.

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