MovieMasterpiece DX Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Jack Sparrow


Our shop are all 100% original authentic. Our shop are all original authentic. Actor Johnny Depp plays hero Jack Sparrow, Hissage the PERS (eye mobile system) and luxury accessories, also appeared early! The lone pirate Jack Sparrow to appear in “Pirates of the Caribbean / the last of the pirate”, the total height of about 30 centimeters, three-dimensional as a high-end 1/6 scale figure that moves more than 30 points. Head, express a distinctive hair style flocking specification. It has been reproduced to elaborate also red bandana, new hair ornaments. Replacement for face parts using the patented technology, accessories and dignified expression, the two types of facial expressions smiled grinning. Both Clear the right of portrait of Johnny Depp, painted by every single hand painted and decorated. Further mounting eye moving system (Parallel Eyeball Rolling System = PERS). By free

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