SCI-FI Revoltech 025 Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow painted action figure


Our shop are all 100% original authentic. Our shop are all original authentic. We have several pieces in stock depending on the product. In that case, the image of the product may be different from what we actually send you. [Size] Height: about 135mm [moveable parts] all 16 places Sculpted by: Yuji Oniki modeling Supervisor: Takayuki Takeya Takashi Yamaguchi modeling cooperation: Takayuki Takeya, pirate flag flapping decoration table of Takashi Masaaki Ozeki diorama Yamaguchi, directing the world of ocean adventure Tan! Takayuki Takeya is active modeling supreme command also to the effect of the pose with, such as in the movie. Such as Jack Sparrow in the face of course ornaments and decorations stand of sail and flag of wrinkles, reproduced every detail? Hero from the popular Disney movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” series “Jack Sparrow” appeared!! Johnny Depp plays

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