Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Collectible Figurine Figure Limited RARE


Pirates of the Caribbean. Captain Jack Sparrow ARTFX. Size: 270mm in height. Package size: 36 x 25.2 x 23.2 cm / 1120g. Material: PVC / ABS. From “Pirates of the Caribbean” comes a figure of the famous scene! Jack is sculpted in high spirits at the top of the mast! The dignified expression on his face is also well done! The figure is sculpted from the scene that shows Jack’s character as he makes an imposing appearance, holding onto the mast of a boat with a sinking sail! The pirate hat can also be removed. Out of the box, you can enjoy an elaborate display model with simple assembly. Set includes: figure body, pirate hat, mast prop, and pedestal. It is recommended for enthusiasts as it is already discontinued and difficult to obtain. The box is included, but it is

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PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN Pinball Complete Custom LED Kit. PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN Pinball Complete Custom LED Kit contains all LED bulbs needed to change out incandescent bulbs for a full LED playfield, GI, backbox and ALL flasher bulbs. Custom complete LED Kit includes color specific bulbs with placement charts for both playfield and backbox. Custom LED lighting kit includes every bulb needed for full LED. Safety Warning: Super Bright Quad 4LED bulbs are exactly that, Super Bright, please do not look directly into the light without eye protection, or under playfield plastics, or behind the backglass. LED does not mean safer for the eyes. It does mean much brighter lights, far less energy consumption and far less heat inside the pinball machines. Both Super and Ultra Bright LED bulbs have a 50,000 hour lifespan. Are AC/DC current and if

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