NEW KAZI 1184pcs Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl Ship Large Model Blocks


These blocks are made by high quality materials, safety and environmental protection, harmless to children’s health. These products are suitable for children over 6 years old, if your children are below 6 years old, please play under adult guardianship to prevent children from swallowing small parts. Color-coded models makes building even more intuitive. Benefits of the Bricks. Train baby’s ability of practice and thought, develop their doing or thinking by themselves habit. Cultivate children’s logical thinking ability, it is the effective way to develop their logic learning and thinking. Develop children’s spatial imagination, letting them learn from observation and judgment and exercise their imagination. Ensure baby’s self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment, self-affirmation obtained by completing the brick. Fostering children problem-solving skills, let the children learn to face the difficulty and solve it themselves. Develop children’s cooperate spirit. Chidren may play

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