Beast Kingdom DAH-029 Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End Davy Jones


Do you fear death? One of Disney’s most exciting live-action series introduced moviegoers to pirates, captains, and beings from the depths of the Seven Seas! A regular in the Pirates of The Caribbean series was captain Davey Jones, a pirate with a striking story, which rivaled the most famous in the series! Consumed by the sea, Davey developed monstrous features, including claws and tentacles giving him an appearance somewhere between an octopus and a crab! With his enslaved crew at hand, Davey Jones is an epic and formidable character that constantly clashes with Jack Sparrow as well as the British Royal Navy! Beast Kingdom’s’Entertainment Experience Brand’ launches the latest DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) with the wildly popular Davey Jones character, accompanying the previous launch of Jack Sparrow. Recreating the intricate, monstrous design of the character, every detail including the underwater

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ATTRACTION POSTER 36×54 Pirates of the Caribbean 1967 Rare 50th D23 Prop Disney


Dead Men Tell No Tales! This is a VERY nice quality LARGE (full size) poster, just like what you see in the parks. This particular poster is the finest example you will find anywhere of any Disney Attraction Poster. This was produced from Disney original art and is of the highest quality. This is a park quality poster in near mint condition. It does have VERY minor wear, but nothing that would be noticed once framed. (please do not use thumbtacks to display this beautiful poster lol). I included some very close up pics so you can see how beautiful the quality is (it isn’t, but it looks like a screen print). This really is an amazing poster. There’s only one problem with this poster… It is BIG lol. 36″ wide and 54″ tall. Because its such a nice and

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