Endre Szabo The Pirate Painting ORIGINAL Disneyland -Pirates Of The Caribbean


Endre Szabo ” The Pirate Painting ” ORIGINAL! DON’T MISS THIS EXTREMELY RARE CHANCE TO OWN A HUGE PIECE OF DISNEY’S HISTORY! Own a piece of Disneyland! T h i s painting was originally displayed i n corporate headquarters , then moved to the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride for a few years where Endre Szabo was contracted to paint one more for each of the Pirate Of The Caribbean rides owned by Disneyland at the time. I have had it verbally appraised and authenticated by Dr. Lori from Antique Roadshow. THIS IS A GREAT SIGNED ORIGINAL PAINTING BY WELL KNOWN AMERICAN ARTIST ENDRE SZABO. THIS PAINTING IS HAND PAINTED BY THE ARTIST, OIL ON CANVAS, SIGNED BY THE ARTIST ON Bo. Rn in Hungary, Endre Szabo was the son of a prize winning artist who was awarded medals and

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