LEGO (x3400pcs) 4KG Pirates Caribbean Bulk Moc/ Packs Ship Parts Guaranteed


Rare & Hard To Find Used Legos Are Our Speciality! Check Out Our Store! This a listing for 4KG (X4 of the pictured bags) of random assorted PIRATE THEMED LEGO. Picked and packed from a large lot of PIRATE and PIRATES OF THE CARRIBIAN LEGO. We custom sort these from large collections and put all PIRATE specific parts in these packs. PERFECT ANYONE WANTING TO BUILD PIRATE THEMED LEGO SCENES. Each order contains an average of 3400 Pieces of LEGO! That’s Less than half the price of retail LEGO! This is all genuine LEGO® we have Sorted through each bag and removed non LEGO® Your bag will be 97% (usually 99%) Genuine LEGO®, it is also safe for kids Not for ages 3 or younger! THE KINDS OF THINGS TO EXPECT IN YOUR BAG’S PIRATE COLOURED BRICKS: These include Grey’s,

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