LEGO 66341 Star Wars Super Pack 3 in 1 Product Collection NEW & SEALED


Welcome to Le it Go! We are the specialists in vintage and. You are looking at a set of brand new. LEGO (66341) Star Wars Super Pack 3 in 1 Product Collection. It is NISB, New in (factory sealed) Box. Seals are still intact, NEVER Opened! See pictures, we do not use catalog photos. The item in the picture is the actual item you will receive. First Release Date: 2010. 66341 Star Wars 3 in 1 Superpack was released in January 2010 as part of the LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars line. Included are two Clone Wars Clone Troopers, one Episode III Clone Trooper (New Design), one Clone Gunner, one Clone Commander, three Assassin Droids, two Elite Assassin Droids, two Battle Droids, one Super Battle Droid, and Barriss Offee minifigures. This combo pack consists of the sets 8091 Republic

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