Playmobil Vintage Retired 4290 PIrate Ship New Sealed mint in box


Complete toy in its original box. This pirate vessel has a full-sized cabin, a hold and 4 concealed cannon which can flip up to surprise unwary victims. A floating vessel that sails before the wind, you can voyage across a pool, lake or bathtub. It also rolls across the floor on built-in wheels. Introduced in 1999, this item was discontinued by Playmobil in 2001. T he box you receive will be carton-fresh, but we are not responsible for the potential dings, dents, rubbings and other small imperfections to which Playmobil packaging is prone. The set has never been circulated, and has only been on the shelves of our warehouse since it was first released. The Toy Soldier Company, founded in 1985, has the world’s most extensive stock of current and vintage plastic and metal toy soldiers and accessories by manufacturers

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