Disney World Magic Kingdom Vintage Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride Rum Bottle Prop


This is NOT from Disneyland, although it is similar to the bottles from Disneyland. This is from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Pirates attraction. This is a great old Pirate rum bottle from Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney World. Again, it is very similar to the floating bottles in Disneyland, but I don’t know if they did the floating bottles in the Magic Kingdom. This is a cool Pirate rum bottle. It appears to be a hand blown bottle because they wanted a period accurate bottle. This is the only bottle from Disney World of this type that I have had. There will be NO more. The bottle is very old and glass. It is 12 inches tall. A personal LOA will be included. The bottle is very heavy and will be packaged carefully. The item “DISNEY WORLD MAGIC KINGDOM

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